Womxn Specific Rides

Riding with womxn means????

* Camaraderie
* Having a go or not
* New challenges
* Laugh, laugh, or cry
* Discover something fantastic

But most of all…..

Ride whatever you want to ride, be whatever type of biker you want to be, and remember we’ve all been there before!

  • Bike Maintenance & Ride (Womxn)
    Bike Maintenance & Ride (Womxn)
    We are riding in the Black Mountains for the rest of 2023. The views, the beauty, we call it home. A chance to learn about bike repair. Identify parts, common problems, and how to fix. We’ll also have a great pedal out afterwards. This is suitable for all riders of all levels who are comfortable on off road surfaces.
  • Beginner Mountain Bike Rides (to find your own badassery)
    Beginner Mountain Bike Rides (to find your own badassery)
    Experience big mountain views without the worry. We will support and guide you every step. Bring a willingness to explore and have fun and we will do the rest. You do not need mountain experience to enjoy the ride but you should be able to pedal 15mi comfortably.
  • Training Day
    Training Day
    Do you  have a big bike holiday coming up? Need to get some extra miles, climbs, and tech in to prepare? We’ll create a Black Mountains ride that will test you while giving you epic views and support. You should be comfortable riding blue to red terrain and can pedal 30Km+.

Whether you love the climbs (or hate them), session a line until you dream about it, or giggle your way through every ride and mistake, riding with your tribe is where it is at. I started with a group of badass women who helped make me the rider I am today… These rides are for you!

Life is not an Instagram post

Ride it like no one is watching…