Womxn Specific Rides

Riding with womxn means????

* Camaraderie
* Having a go or not
* New challenges
* Laugh, laugh, or cry
* Discover something fantastic

But most of all…..

Ride whatever you want to ride, be whatever type of biker you want to be, and remember we’ve all been there before!

  • Bike Maintenance & Ride (Womxn)
    Bike Maintenance & Ride (Womxn)
    We are riding in the Black Mountains for the rest of 2023. The views, the beauty, we call it home. A chance to learn about bike repair. Identify parts, common problems, and how to fix. We’ll also have a great pedal out afterwards. This is suitable for all riders of all levels who are comfortable on off road surfaces.

Whether you love the climbs (or hate them), session a line until you dream about it, or giggle your way through every ride and mistake, riding with your tribe is where it is at. I started with a group of badass women who helped make me the rider I am today… These rides are for you!

Life is not an Instagram post

Ride it like no one is watching…