Women doing it for themselves

We jump to support any female* led brand. Where the business is owned by and run by a badass we want to give them a shout out. If you know of one, please send their details to be added to our list.

We also want to be a great resource for local women ride groups. I started my journey with the support, friendliness, and all around kick-ass group of women* in the Forest of Dean, the Dames. Please send on your group to be included here too.

* we may say women/female but we do include non-binary, trans-gender, and anyone else that identifies as female.

Female Guides and Coaches

Women led MTB brands

  • Shredly – cool bike kit created by and run by women (US company)
  • Wild Rye – even cooler bike kit created by and run by women (US company)

Food, drink, lifestyle brands created by women

Other outdoor women kicking butt

Other female led brands we love

  • Coalition Snow – Outdoor winter sports brand run by super badass women (US company)
  • Beija London – Lingerie brand that is brilliant

Anything we missed

Women only ride groups

Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon


Women Adventure groups

Know a woman/women kicking butt?

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