The North Wales Journey

When Siôn from Raven Adventures, and I starting discussing an Epic Welsh 3 day ride, we had lots of ideas and plans. As we rode over those 3 awe-inspiring days of 150km+ and over 3000m (plus some repeats) we talked and talked about why we like to ride.

It is all about the journey

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The climbs, the technical descents are awesome, but the exploring, and finding places and views that are rarely scene are just as important.

We had a loose plan, and Siôn being the map man had an idea of what we would attempt each day. We camped a few miles out of Dolgellau (the ultimate start point) and were granted sunny and mild weather by the biking gods.

Day 1

I had family commitments this day so arrived about 10miles into the ride at Corris. The consensus from Siôn was that those 10mi were the perfect warm-up to the 3 days, big views, cycle paths & bridleways, chillin’.

We then headed out into the backend of Dyfi Forest. With some climbs, and meanderings we popped out about 2/3rd of the way into the classic ClimachX trail just at Tony the Tiger. I was smiling because from what I remembered, this was the best part of the whole loop. And indeed it was a wake up after those leisurely climbs. Rocky drops and gardens, spashes through puddles, and some slip and slide…

We decided to have a little roam around afterwards, picking our way in and out of the rest of the ClimachX, essentially deciding what bits we wanted to include on the day.

Then up towards Fedw-Lwyd to see another part of Dyfi I have never set foot nor tire on. Stopping for a bit of lunch we eyed up what we guessed was our descent, not really knowing what we were getting into. As we descended off of our lunch spot I was feeling mellow, it was a classic grassy and a little rocky Welsh mountain… until it became so much more.

After descending about 300m or so my face was hurting from the grins. Ultimately this became my favourite descent of the whole 3 days.

We then heading through the Aberllefenni slate quarries climbing and climbing up. The views were amazing, and we decided to take a sneaky footpath diversion to see if it was worth asking about riding it. The path wasn’t rideable but the view blew me away. We had timed it just right for the Mach loop flybys.. We snapped about 30 pictures, smiled and congratulated ourselves on deciding to create an epic journey.

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