The Gap

The Gap can be beautiful, both in the challenge to ride and the fun while you descend. But it can also make you work for every meter you travel. When the weather is wet, the wind blows, you can’t see the views, and every rock becomes wax for your tires.

But every Gap Ride is a great ride.

The Gap is a classic for a reason. It has rocky climbs and descents, fire roads, bridleways, rutted paths that rattle your teeth or smooth grassy flows that put your heart in your mouth. It has something for every rider. And if you aren’t feeling it the day you ride, there are always choices to take on the same path.

And the views… on a clear day, or even a misty day you can look across Talybont reservoir to the hills and forests in the distance. If you do the double climb version you get panoramic view from Bwlch y Glasgwn before you get to the ultimate view from Bwlch ar y Fan. And if you legs can handle a climb to the top, you can have a look out from the dive board perched on the edge of the mountain.

This is a big day out, and you need to be prepared for weather of every type, and punctures. This route loves to mess with your tyres. Energy snacks are a must and in the autumn/winter months a hot drink will be appreciated too. It’s a remote ride, that starts and ends in the village of Talybont.

Come prepared and with your ‘give it a go’ head on, and you’ll enjoy this ride as much as we do!


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