Bike Maintenance & Ride (Womxn)

A chance to learn about bike repair. Identify parts, common problems, and how to fix. We’ll also have a great pedal out afterwards. This is suitable for all riders of all levels and will be in the Wye Valley.

Bike Tinkering
Where we will meet
Catbrook Village Hall 10am (notice change)
Where we will ride
Wye Valley Explore
Distance and terrain
15-20km riding blue to red trails. Everyone will be supported and catered for.

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This is the chance to get those fears about fixing your bike out on the table. I learned to repair my bike by breaking it, so many times... but never with any catastrophic affect. :) The result has been the knowledge and confidence to try something myself whenever something squeaks, wiggles, acts weird, or goes bonkers on the trail.  Here is your chance to have a little play yourself.

We won't tear anything apart, unless we find something wrong on the day. We will identify all of the parts for the system we are working with, discuss common problems/faults, how we would fix them ourselves, where to source parts etc. Or, we will simply learn how to confidently go into the bike shop and describe exactly what our bike needs.  This is about Q&A, and tinker and play with a supportive group.

You do not need any specific tools on the day, unless you have them. Every modern bike seems to have it's own version of some, so we could never cover them all, but this is part of the learning too. If you have a multi-tool, a small tool kit, please bring them. You may not need/use it but it will be super helpful to the others to learn from.

We will then ride out in the Wye Valley. We have always ridden here in the winter but this year we realised its simply fun all year round. Whether you want shelter from the rain, to play in muddy rivers,  loamy single track, or cruise through the spring bluebells, it has it all.

The ride will be tailored to who comes on the day and what we fancy, so all are welcome to join.

About the Day

We will be spending 4-6 hours tinkering with bikes and riding the lush forest of the Wye Valley

  • Small groups of 8 to get the most out of the day
  • Support and info needed to have confidence doing your own bike maintenance
  • We will identify parts, talk about common problems and how to spot them
  • We may tinker with any bike that we see issues with
  • A lovely ride out together afterwards 15-20km
  • Giggles and smiles
  • Cake or flapjack
  • Post ride chill with a cold/hot drink if you want


What we cover

Drivetrain - Cassette, chain, chainring, derailleur, cranks, pedals, bottom bracket.
Wheels & tyres - tube vs tubeless, spokes, valve types, using/replacing goo, treds for terrain, puncture repair, tyre replacement
Brakes - types, discs & sizes, pad replacement, tools, squeaks squeals etc, bleeding, cables, lever adjustment
Cockpit - handlebars width & position, headset and bearings, grease & clean, seat post vs dropper, seat adjustment, grips
Suspension - Forks size, type, maintenance, rear suspension types, set-up, tools
Ride preparation - tools for your ride, M-check, trailside repairs, spares and other bits recommended to have and why
Q&A with a professional mechanic TBD

Bring a lunch with you and plenty of water and clothing for your typical changeable weather.

We are asking a small fee of £15 to insure each place when booked is kept. This is to cover the cost of the hall we meet in.

These sessions are about helping each other. So please come with any issues you’ve had, things you’ve tried and any tools you may have bought. (your tools – no borrowing please you need to know how to use them). There is a 2 hours session reviewing all of our bikes, explaining what parts may wear, break, need adjusting and discuss the tools needed. We may fix things, adjust things, etc or we may not, it all depends on what turns up on the day.


Meet at Catbrook Memorial Hall for 10am. There is parking out front on the side of the road.


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