North Wales 150 Day 3

Recce again, and again…

We’ll ride it in reverse, that will better… so Siôn said.

After 3 days of riding, climbing a 4.5mi 1900ft average 10% grade climb to start, and slogging across a boggy field twice, did not make me smile. I was tired.

It started positively, with views that just kept getting better and better as we climbed. I took pictures and videos thinking how great the descent the other side would be. We pedalled past the precipice walk and Llyn Cynwch, it was breathtaking. As we descended through this golden valley I smiled but without the aches.

But the views… Book The Journey

Ever the optimist, I kept smiling, pedalling, and enjoying being out in the gorgeous mountains of North Wales.

A easy transition through some fire roads brought us down and around Coed Y Brenin, we played and picked our way around a few trails deciding what we might ride on the day. Passing out of the other side of the centre we followed the river past the rapids and waterfalls to a wet, covered forest track quickly nicknamed the rain forest. It took a bit of grit, but tough in the wet. My depleting energy reserves were almost out.

Then we hit a gate, a field, and a climb out… we made a mistake. In fact we made a few. This was not the place to do it, in knee high wet grass which felt like quicksand. We wandered up and down the field trying to find our line and exhaustion and frustration set in.

When we did find it, it was obvious and simple but tiredness causes mistakes. Then, my favourite thing, a techie climb, but my spirits were low. It didn’t stop me trying … and eventually success!

As we rolled through this section it had potential for lots of fun, rollers with tech in between, I wanted to find the flow…

As we climbed out the other side, we had a short road transition passing over a little bridge and stream to climb up through a forest covered track. We (I) spotted several deer, and this rocky climb was a mind or matter feat. About 1 mile up. But the rocky descent the other side was the highlight of the day. It was big stones, little stones, steep, tricky, then grassy and swoopy. It was definitely hard for me to focus at this stage. Something to consider when we bring our groups.

There was so much beauty and so much potential fun, but the exhaustion made it hard for me to see.

It will be better in reverse….I know it.

Famous words from Siôn. I wasn’t convinced. But we came back 3 weeks later to try. Read about it here… We fuelled better, slept more, and figured it out, it has the tech, the climbing, the views. But we are still discussing the specifics, don’t be surprised if we mix it up again for a little mystery fun…

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