I am Batman

Not every adventure is big, knarly, or far from home. Sometimes a local ride with your favourite son is all that is needed.

We knew that Chepstow and Tintern were now connected again with a Greenway path, but we hadn’t explored it since it was finished. I’d ridden sections of it on other rides, but it was still a rutted bumpy mess.

Mum this is awesome!

There is no better endorsement than that.

We were up early and in the tunnel when it opened, which meant when we rode through we were on our own, apart from one lone runner we passed looking very much like a Zombie… We didn’t see any bats, but I did hear my son say, try and catch me and race off several times.

This is a simple straight there and back ride, we ended up with 14 miles, some lovely views over the Severn and Wye Valley. And of course an amazing ice cream in Tintern at the Filling Station.


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