Get to Know Us – Winter Riding

Mud, rain, slip sliding, and endless washing… welcome to UK winter riding!

Love it, hate it, embrace it, riding in the short days of December, January and February can test the best of us. But it is a great time to practice your skills, discover somewhere new, and try out a guided ride. Letting someone else look after you will take some of the stress away and allow you to share the muddy grins with like minded people.

Raven Rides and DirtShe Nomad are out every Wed reccing new descents, interesting transitions, and generally having a laugh with a few people around the Wye Valley and the Black Mountains. It’s the perfect opportunity for a rider to check out our style, ride fresh trails, and keep your bike from getting too lonely.

We then turn our Wednesday recces into fully guided trips on a Friday. These are a bit slicker, longer, and have some extra bonuses thrown in. One of which is always cake! There is no biking without it.

There is a ride every Wednesday, and you can join us any week. For £25 you get the chance to explore a new area, have support, local knowledge, and encouragement from 1 or 2 fully qualified guides. We consider this an ideal way to learn about a new area, gain confidence in the winter months, and use the information to come back and ride again on your own or with mates.

If you prefer to be totally looked after and want a damn good day out, join us on a Friday. These are £40. We’ll keep you motivated, entertained, and will most likely provide a descent or 2 you have never seen before. Cake, trailside repair support, and an opportunity to follow and have fun.



  1. oooh please add me to your mailing list for weds and friday adventures! very keen to join one at the first opportunity!

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