Dirty rides and dirty adventures….

and how to be a badass biker!!

The day you swing a leg onto your bike and point it down something you’ve never ridden before immediately qualifies you as baddass!

We ride and explore the tech, tough, gnar, big miles, and breath stealing views..

To make a ride to suit you… where ever you fall on the spectrum of badassery.

Riding and exploring are what make us happy. We can show you what we love the most about the Black Mountains and Wye Valley, our home.

Or we can take you on an adventure further afield.
We explore North Wales, the Peaks, Yorkshire, and Exmoor on a regular basis.

OUR MOTO: Adventure is always a game of two halves, both of which should make your gut churn just a little. Whether it’s digging in for something extra to get to your destination or trying something just outside your comfort zone to get back.

let’s roam

What’s coming up next?