Day 2 of The Journey

Day 2 of our recce is definitely why this adventure has been called the Journey. This was a ride really into the unknown and unexplored by either Raven Rides or myself. Every turn, every gate, every hill seemed to provide a different perspective of North Wales that we had never seen before.

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The day started with a leisurely pedal through some small roads to pass through the stone arch of Garreg Fawr. Of course we stopped to take pictures..

After a little indecision we finally pushed our way through a broken gate, which had a few positive indications that they were going to be replaced. SiƓn called and verified their repair after our ride that day. Bonus.

We were soon out into the open following the line of an ancient stone wall, with the views beginning to take our attention away from the actual ride. The wall was split into sections and we found ourselves having to lift our bikes over stone stepped stiles, and repeated 2 more times. We discussed this a lot, deciding that the single track in between and the views were worth the effort.

Afterwards we found ourselves in the middle of open land on a old stone fire road that meandered and climbed around Rhobell Fawr. We ran into a very friendly farmer couple with their sheep dogs heading out to bring the sheep in for the winter. As we climbed up and through we passed waterfall after waterfall, never noticing the effort we put in to do it.

I think we had a fun rocky descent after this, but by the time we started climbing again near Pen y Cwn, I was too distracted to notice anything. More breathtaking views across a recently felled forest which brought us on a swoopy grass descent near a deep gorged river with yet more waterfalls… obviously my weakness.

More pictures, more smiles, and the absolute certainty that scouting this location and ride was the right thing to do.

After the gorge we popped out near the Sustrans 82 Sarn Helen… and rode a gentle last 5 miles back to Dolgellau.

30miles of beauty over 1100m

Day 2 was the definition of The Journey. Beauty and discovery with miles of pedalling that was simply about enjoying being on your bike. Don’t get me wrong, there was some tough climbs, and fast descents, but for day 2, it was the perfect mix.

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