Adventure Queens & DIRTshe

This is a chance for the Adventure Queen community to explore further by bike. I’ll take you up in to the beauty of the Black Mountains, and give you an intro to navigation and/or trailside maintenance too.

There are 2 types of rides on offer, with a third to come later in the summer (gravel).

The intro ride is exactly that, a chance to ride in the Black Mountains even if you have never tried mountain riding before. You must have ridden a bike with some off road (towpath, bridleway) experience.

The intermediate ride takes you a bit further with a chance to experience more types of mountain/off road terrain. You should have some mountain bike experience for this ride.

Both rides are offered with an intro to bike navigation and/or trailside repair.

You can also hire a bike if need be but I must know numbers at least 1 week before the ride. Thank you.

~ I look forward to riding with you!

  • AQ Intermediate Mountain Bike Adventure +
    AQ Intermediate Mountain Bike Adventure +
    This ride requires some MTB experience and you should be comfortable on different types of terrain, grass, lumpy tracks, and some rocks. Everything is avoidable, so please join if you want to try something you may not have before.
  • AQ Intro to Mountain Riding +
    AQ Intro to Mountain Riding +
    You do not need any mountain experience to enjoy this ride but you should be comfortable riding some off road terrain. NOTE: A gravel specific ride will be posted at a later date.