Ride questions

How long and how technical?

All rides will be between 15-20miles long. The style will be 2 -3 climbs for 2-3 very, very, good descents. These are more technical rides and you will have to put some work in.

Do I need food, tools, heated blanket?

For rides this year, I ask that you to bring your lunch although we will try to plan a post ride pint/snack. I also like to bake, so don’t be surprised to be offered something less than healthy.

You are riding in the UK/Wales, be prepared for weather changes from hot to wet and cold. Layers are important, as are waterproofs and a change of gloves when it’s really bad. A change of clothes for after the ride is always a good idea. We will ride regardless of most weather conditions.

I will have all around tools, and a few spares, but please always bring spare brake pads, a spare tube, and a rear hanger.

Are you picking me up? Meeting me? Taking my bike for me?

Sorry, this is very much a do it yourself type of riding. I will provide where we meet, give you the lay of the land for parking, camping, and local food, but it’s up to you to get you and your bike there on time.

Do you have eBike specific rides? Can I ride and eBike?

Currently we are not offering eBike only rides but we are happy to accommodate eBikes on any of the rides. We ask that you keep pace with other riders, especially when climbing. This is for your benefit too, because getting to the top first means you have to wait and get cold.