About the rides

This year we are taking our guiding further. Whether it’s exploring something new, creating partnerships, or building something not seen before, our plans are pretty cool.

Where we ride

Wye Valley – we live and play on and near the River Wye. There is so much untapped single track fun on both the Welsh and English side. Join us on a Wednesday to explore with us.

Later this year we are adding gravel adventures to the Wye Valley. The fire roads, and byways are screaming for a longer adventure.

Black Mountains – this is our heart home. The big views, the long descents, and the constant discovery make us smile. Although much of the riding falls inside Wales, there are cheeky bits that touch in Herefordshire too, we are out exploring ways to bring more of this to you all of the time.

Forest of Dean (FOD) – This is where it started for us. Picking up a hired bike and riding the Verderers. Since that day 4 years ago, I haven’t been off of a bike. As guides we still play here regularly, and our biking family is all part of the FOD community… so we still like to create rides and guide here.

Mid-Wales, North Wales, the Peaks, the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales, Exmoor, and more – we explore everywhere, and when we find something good, we offer it out to you. Currently most of this riding is on a bespoke basis, but checkout our North Wales Journey, to see everything we are about.

Social vs Guided

Some of my rides this year will be strictly social. This means we are going as a group of friends to explore. I will support, and guide us where to go, but we are not covered by British Cycling. Ride at your own risk, take due care, and look out for each other.

British Cycling Level 3 Leader

I’m qualified L2 and trained L3, have my super duper first aide certificate, CB checked, and I’m pretty good at bike repairs. So I will have you covered.

There will be the normal read, sign, and commit to my waiver. Standard stuff to keep us all safe. This will be sent prior to the ride date or fill in when you checkout.

NOTE: For guided rides only.

Climbs, Tech, and Fun Descents

I tell everyone this is how I ride. I enjoy working hard over rocky climbs and steep grassy slopes. It drops me into flow and makes the down so much sweeter. These rides are definitely red, but everything will be rollable (with good technique) and I will always try to have a good alternate line.

What I ask is that you arrive with a great attitude and willingness to have a go at stuff you may have not tried before. Not to scare you out of your pants but to challenge yourself without holding on for dear life.

Coed and Women Only Rides

There is a huge benefit to ride with women only. The support and understanding, the humour, and willingness to say no to something scary, makes it a great way to experience a ride. But… I benefited even more when I started riding with men. It took my riding to the next level.

I’ve talked to many guys friends who like to ride with us… Its definitely a 2 way street. Mixed rides means we all benefit from empathy and pushing our personal boundaries. Throw us together and cool things happen.

These rides are meant to help us all improve and of course have a blast. You will have the opportunity to lead (and follow) from the front or support at the back.