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Why DirtShe?

Well, its pretty simply… I brainstormed and thought about what described my riding and it was actually a Dirty Nomad… but alas, that website was taken… So with a little play on words it became DirtShe.

DirtShe Nomad

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Beth, me, the nomad

We all hate this part, talking about ourselves. Me ex-pat American who’s lived in many states, traveled to 49 of them (common Alaska) and have lived in the UK for 20+ years.

I’ve always been a keen sports person and have dabbled in many, a few to a very high level. But it felt like I found my home 4 years ago when I rode the blue at Pedalabikeaway for the first time. I haven’t been off of my bike since.

I qualified as a British Cycling Level 2 MTB leader just before the pandemic, which kind of put my plans on hold… but never one to get stuck I’m now a Level 3 MTB leader the highest qualification you can get.

I also spend my spare time travelling, camping, hiking with my 13 year old, and like to try a new type of adventure every year. Next up are fell running and a gravel bike!