A summer of unexpected discovery

I like big rides and big tech and when I became a guide I thought that is exactly what I wanted to share with everyone else. The thinking was if I was going to guide others, I wanted to love what I was riding too.

Well this year has had some of those rides, which I am super grateful for, but… it has also been filled with newbies, beginners, never before been on a mountain bike riders and I have absolutely found it amazing!

I had a mixture of opportunities helping the Outdoor Partnership, Element Active, Garmin, and The Adventure Girl’s Club. And each time I was blown away by women supporting each other and coming together to conquer some inner demons. Not to mention the buzz I was getting for helping them do it.

From finding their inner badass, to sticking two fingers up at an ex who said they couldn’t do it, these women were slaying it.

” The support and guidance given by Beth who continued to motivate us all, throughout the day, to try things out to our own comfort level without any pressure was absolutely first class.”


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