Embrace adventure

(and get a little dirtShe)

dirtShe creates rides for the journey, for the camaraderie, with supreme views and support.

get outside your comfort zone
we’ve got your back

We explore paths, bridleways, hills, tech, tough, gnar, big miles, and breath stealing views.. To make a ride to suit you… dirtShe wants to give you the tools to feel like a badass whether that means its your first time off road, a chance to face a fear, or trying to level up your current skills.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS : If you love to explore and want the chance to join us up to 20 times a year for FREE, become a Nomad. There is also exclusive access to DIY weekends and discounts on our bespoke adventures. Find out more here.

We are always exploring –
North Wales, the Peaks, Yorkshire, and Exmoor and more.

Ride to discover .. Ride to be happy.
Let us show you what we love the most about
the Black Mountains and Wye Valley, our home.

let’s roam

What’s coming up next?